Absolute Solutions

Cambridge Finance offers an Absolute Advantage to its partners by creating superior results that have a sweeping impact on businesses. Through teamwork and a shared vision, we give businesses a unique advantage by designing, supporting and deploying initiatives that foster long-term value creation for our investee companies and all stakeholders....

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Welcome to Cambridge Finance

Who we are

Mission Statement

Cambridge Finance & Investment Limited (CFIL) is a leading private equity firm based in East London, UK. We geographical focus on Asia, Europe, Middle East, North Africa (MENA) regions, South America and North America. With a powerful blend of indigenous and global expertise, Cambridge Finance builds unique investment partnerships that deliver an Absolute Solution to all stakeholders..

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Our Principles

We believe in

  • Creating long-term value
  • Delivering better results through pro-active leadership, guidance and management
  • Ensuring that excellence is the backbone of our business
  • Employing the highest ethical standards in everything we do
  • Letting the genuine spirit of our people drive our success and define our personality

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Our unique attributes

We have made major strategic investments in the following categories

  • Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • Transport Services
  • Medicine/Pharmaceutics
  • Mining
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Oil and Gas Sectors
  • Information Technology
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