Our Vision

To be the leading investment financing group of choice based on profitable, ethical and socially responsible business practises..

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We have made major strategic investments in Real Estate and Infrastructure, Transport Services, Hospitality, Mortgage Financing, and Information Technology Infrastructure Sectors....

The vision of Cambridge Finance is that of a world class city with some of the best physical and social infrastructure available, clean green environment and sustained economical growth offering the best quality of life.

The plan to implement this involves the diversification of the local economy aided by aggressive development of infrastructure and enhancement of service provision through sophisticated Private Partnerships with international corporations. CFIL is working to achieve this diversification in order to ensure the growth of East London from a city known for public administration to that of an international business hub and as knowledge based services and support centre with culture, leisure & tourism activities of the highest standards.

CFIL has made major strategic investments in Real Estate and Infrastructure, Transport Services, Hospitality, Mortgage Financing, Investment Advisory and Information Technology Infrastructure Sectors. Presently, CFIL is further diversifying its portfolio with major projects in Energy Generation, Waste Control/Management, Research and Development Consulting. This is intended to bring balance to the company’s portfolio.



Our Value Proposition

Cambridge Finance offers an Absolute Advantage to its partners by creating superior results that have a sweeping impact on businesses. Through teamwork and a shared vision, we give businesses a unique advantage by designing, supporting and deploying initiatives that foster long-term value creation for our investee companies and all stakeholders.

Partnerships lie at the heart of CFIL Absolute Advantage, and they thrive because of our expertise, experience, and relationships. These partnerships are a primary reason for our success, and we always prioritize people and believe in the strength, character and growth potential of our partners.

CFIL has a team of well-respected and internationally trained local talent that is backed by a group of prominent investors. Together, they offer the industry's highest level of cutting-edge expertise and allow the Firm to actively find and close promising investment prospects; identify value creation opportunities through growth or re-structuring strategies; and exit investments profitably within a 2-5 year timeframe.

The partners and management team of CFIL bring with them a proven track-record of delivering strong returns. Our high-profile and prominent partners enjoy excellent reputations, strong capital capabilities and successful business experience.

CFIL recognizes the value of relationships based on shared knowledge, trust and transparency. Its closely-knit network of partners and highly trained management team are indigenous to the region and have a deep understanding of the cultural, business and legal landscape. Our rich partnerships provide us with access to the most influential people and companies in the Asians and Middle East; give us a platform through which to have genuine dialogue with limited partners and investee companies; and create bonds that transcend transactions.


Our Unique Attributes

We have made major strategic investments in the following categories..

Cambridge Finance provides both short and long term unsecured investor loans in the following areas:.

  • Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • Transport Services
  • Medicine/Pharmaceutics
  • Mining
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Oil and Gas Sectors
  • Information Technology
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